Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy to be with friends

 "Good morning starshine, the earth says hello..." It's not even the morning when I'm writing this post, but yes, it is a quote from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Today has been the perfect start to the year! Me and a few friends took a trip to a market to do some shopping. First off we stopped for a starbucks which I have become more and more OBSESSED with! I had a white vanilla mocha which I must say was most delightful haha! When I show you guys what I bought today (one being the bowler hat in the picture situated above) you will see that I do love starbucks a lot. My outfut for today consisted of a denim shirt, black disco pants and heeled chelsea boots. Considering I'm a bit taller than my friends anyways, you can imagine what it was like considering I was the only one wearing heels.
 The one thing I really wanted from today was a fluffy hat (which I bought) but after that lovely starbucks we went to mcdonalds where I got severely put off my big mac (cheers charlee). Then we just walked around the stalls at the market when we stopped at different stalls, looked about and where I had to protect one of my friends from the metal horsies (sounds silly but she does have a huge phobia of horses in general). When me and my friend Charlee stopped at one stall to look at the bowler hats (we both bought one) the other two went to the stall next to it and there was a really funny guy that worked the stall who was an awesome magician! I'm talking weird coin and quirky card tricks. We did some more shopping and called it a day.
 I had the most amazing time with my chums and can't wait to do something like that again! I can honestly say that I probably haven't laughed and enjoyed myself so much in months!

 Now it's time to meet these awesome people!

Meet Charlee (left) and Holly (right). Two of my bestest friends in the whole world! When together we are very weird! Which you are about to find out. We are all in the same year at school and in majority, the same classes. Without these two in my life I probably would still be the girl who didn't like talking much (when they read this they will probably think 'Mollie, not talking? She never blooming shuts up!') and I wouldn't let my 'true self' (aka. my CRAZY self) show.
Charlee is the person I've known for the longest! The summer before entering year 7 there was a week long summer school for some students, which at the time, we thought to be a 'cool' idea! Entering year 7 we were in the same form too and we became the best of friends. Yes, we had our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, who doesn't? We did stop speaking as much for a while, just drifted apart, but now we are closer than ever which is amazeballs!

Me and Charlee are now officially 'Bowler Buddies'...

Me and Holly have been in the same form every year since year 7 and over the years have grown closer and closer, even more so in year 10 (we're in year 11 now by the way). Me and Holly now have what we like to call a 'bromance' even though we aren't boys but 'sismance' kind of sounds like a disease to me...

And yes... we like taking silly pictures when together! (As demonstrated below)

Now for the final person to talk about, and that's Emily. Me and Emily aren't as close as I am with the other two but we are good friends. We hated each other and then suddenly we just started to get along and everyone around us seemed shocked!

Emily loves her chinese food.

That's it for this post. But here are the pictures I posted on instagram from today. My instagram is - mollieleewood (you know, just incase you wanted to follow me aha).

The stuff I bought today

Me and Charlee

And Again...

Before I left

And finally a strange picture of me with my new favourite glasses (lennon glasses as I like to call them)

Hope everyone has had an amazing day just like I have xo